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Thread: Mushkin & Gigabyte Break 3000Mhz Memory Speeds!

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    Default Mushkin & Gigabyte Break 3000Mhz Memory Speeds!

    ~ Welcome to the Mushkin freeze ~

    Mushkin & Gigabyte Break 3000Mhz Memory Speed

    For quite a while now I've been on a mission to break past the 3Ghz barrier in memory speeds, that goal has finally been obtained!

    I've came close quite a few times over the past few months, but up until now I've only been able to achieve 2882Mhz with air cooled memory.

    After purchasing a Dominance memory dice/Ln2 pot from Vince, and receiving a new set of Mushkin Radioactives for review, I've been able to reach the long awaited goal of 3000Mhz memory speeds.

    Hardware used in this session is as follows:
    Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD6
    Intel i7-860 Quad Core CPU - 1.66 QPI/Vtt voltage used
    Mushkin Radioactive 2000Mhz 3x2GB Memory Kit - 998966 (1.84V voltage used)
    Gigabyte GV-R587SO-1GD 5870 SOC Edition Graphics Card
    Crucial C300 128GB RealSSD Solid State Disk
    NZXT HALE90 750W 80+ Gold Power Supply

    And an additional WD-400 40GB IDE hard drive

    All images below are click-able for larger viewing.

    This is the Mushkin Radioactive 2000Mhz kit I used to reach these speeds, they are rated at 2000Mhz using 8-10-8-27 timings.

    I'll have a review written up on this amazing kit of memory in the next week or so, needless to say - they're awesome!

    998966 - 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 PC3-16000 8-10-8-27 Radioactive

    And this is the Dominance memory pot used for the session, you can get one for yourself here.

    To be able to achieve the coldest possible memory temps I used a set of Mushkin's very nice Copperhead heat spreaders.

    The Copperheads are designed for watercooling using a MIPS water block, but they also work great with the Dominance dice/Ln2 cooling pot mentioned above.

    Here is how they look paired together, making an awesome combination!

    Here is how I prepared the board and memory. The board was prepared using rubber art eraser, neoprene foam insulation, and shop towels to absorb any moisture that may form.

    The memory was insulated with the same eraser, and the gold pins were treated with vaseline before insertion.

    Before jumping into this session I had to test a few CPU's (860/875K) to see which would be best to use during this session.

    After much testing and thought I decided to use the i7-860. Here is an image of my pre-testing using a custom built Phase Cooling unit from Sdumper.

    Finally, with the pre-testing and CPU selection out of the way, it's time to start freezing some memory!!

    I know many people like to see frosty images, so here is the aftermath of all this freezing.

    Now that's some very cold memory! But wait, what happened to the results?

    Sorry, I left the results for the very end because many users may not see this as an accomplishment, to me it is really impressive!

    Without any benchmarks ran these results don't prove very much, except for high raw frequencies.

    I was limited on time due to the small amount of dice I had, so I did not perform any testing or benchmarking and the CPU was left at the lowest possible frequency.

    I set out on a mission to push past 3Ghz memory speeds, and that was my only goal during this session, maybe next time I'll have time for benchmarks.

    With that in mind, I was indeed able to obtain my 3Ghz memory goal!!

    1512.9 MHz (2:12) @ 9-12-9-31 (3025.8Mhz)

    CPU-z 3025.8Mhz Validation W/ Mushkin Radioactive

    I was also able to achieve an amazing 2032.4Mhz using CAS 6.

    1016.2 MHz (2:10) @ 6-8-6-18 (2032.4Mhz)

    CPU-z 2032.4Mhz CAS 6 Validation W/ Mushkin Radioactive

    I do have results close to 3Ghz using timings of 9-11-9 and 8-11-8 / 8-12-8, but since they are < 3000Mhz they are not included here.

    In order to reach higher speeds, or better timings, I'll need to jump into the Ln2 world of overclocking - Sometime soon I suppose.

    Remember, with Mushkin you "Always Get More"

    I would like to give a huge thanks to Mushkin for the awesome memory, without them these results would not be possible!!!

    I'd also like to thank Gigabyte, and NZXT for providing other hardware used in this session!
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    Default Re: Mushkin & Gigabyte Break 3000Mhz Memory Speeds!

    wow thats awesome
    I would never had thought 3000+Mhz was possible with DDR3 rated for 2000Mhz

    now can u run any bench's to see if anything really runs faster at 3000Mhz vs 2000Mhz (seems like that is just such overkill....)
    980x @ 4.5Ghz 24/7 under water, dual rads
    Vcore 1.4, VTT 1.35, ram 1.5
    Gigabyte X58 UD9 mobo
    590 GTX under water *700Mhz, 4000Mhz)
    12GB of DDR3
    1x Intel Sata3 SSD
    4x ocz SSD's Raid 0
    Strider 1500Watt PSU
    all in a monster MOZART TX CASE (with 16 fans)
    Winows 7 64 bit and UD9/

    Qi7 920 @ 4.2Ghz
    vcore 1.45, fsb 1.4
    XFX 5970
    6GB if DDR3
    5x 2TB HD's
    850watt Antec PSU
    all in a Antec 900 CASE (with 6 fans)
    Antec HTPC Remote
    Windows 7 64bit i7 920 HTPC/

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    Default Re: Mushkin & Gigabyte Break 3000Mhz Memory Speeds!

    Thanks man!!

    Ya it's possible to go higher too, I just didn't have enough time with only a little bit of dice. Ln2 cooling would take it much further but I don't have that, yet :)

    I've been able to get 2700+ out of 1600Mhz kits, so 3000 out of 2000 isn't so surprising to me.

    I'll run benchmarks next time, but ya I think with the timings needed it's not as good as 2000Mhz (I can do 6-9-6 on air with this set at 2000)

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    Default Re: Mushkin & Gigabyte Break 3000Mhz Memory Speeds!

    Great job man, Congrats!!!
    MSI X58 XPower
    Mushkin Radioactive 1600 c6 @1000mhz 6 9 6 24

    XSPC rx360, mcp655, apogee XT, ek multioption res150, scythe 133cfm's
    Corsair AX1200

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    Default Re: Mushkin & Gigabyte Break 3000Mhz Memory Speeds!


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    Default Re: Mushkin & Gigabyte Break 3000Mhz Memory Speeds!

    Thanks man, hope to do it again soon maybe on X58 this time!

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