Hello. Today Black Ops 3 crashed when i launch a game from windows, when i was in starting intro cinematic video. ( just first video after i click run game from Windows 10 )
I am using Windows 10 Pro. Today when i click run game , on first cinematic video it crashed with Radar_Pre_Leak_64 ( before menu ).
Event name : Radar_Pre_Leak_64

Exception Code 0xc0000005

Is this related to game or my memory ? In memtest86 no errors.
What is this , Radar_Pre_Leak_64 ?

My pc:
4790k stock
2x8gb DDR3 Kingston 1600mhz Hyperx
Corsair 750 RM
Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark2

I think memory is compatible with my motherboard, because on official kingston site there is my motherboard on list with this memory kit.