Hi. So first my pc.

My rams are Kingston Hyperx 16gb 2x8 DDR4, 6700K,Asus Z170-P, SSD Crucial Bx100 256GB and Windows 10.

Everytime i am opening some application which is fine and opening. But on event viewer i get : RADAR_PRE_LEAK_64 entries. Applications are opening fine but windows 10 reporting this as RADAR_PRE_LEAK_64 in event viewer. Its not error or warning but information entry.
If games not crashes and i have that logs in event viewer do something, or leave it alone?

I have that radar entries in event viewer almost everytime when i am opening some game or benchmark , thats all. But not crashing.

Example from BlackOps3:

Like i said i dont have crashes , but only that entries on event viewer. Thats all. Should i worry? Something with rams, ssd? Should i check memtest86 or that will be waste of time?