Hello all who read this post.

Like the title says, I'm having issues with putting more RAM in my system.

Basic stats:
Fatal1ty FM2A88X+ Killer MB
AMD A10-7850K Socket FM2+ CPU
Current RAM is G.Skill DDR3-2400, PC3-19200

I'm trying to put in 4 sticks of EVGA SuperSC DDR3-2400. I'm removing the G.Skill RAM when I do this because I only have 4 slots on my board. Problem is, when I have all 4 sticks in, comp BSODs after a short time. Runs fine with only 2. I've put each new stick in every single slot to check if I had a bad slot, but they all run fine by themselves or in pairs.

I am setting the XMP 1.3 profile in the UEFI page and it shows them all. It's running dual channel.

What do I need to change in my settings to make this work?

Thank you for your replies in advance.