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Thread: Nokia 7600

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    I'm thinking of getting rid of my brick, the 5510. I love the features and all, but it's just that time when I think it's the end of the road for my phone. I just wanted your opinions on the new upcoming model the 7600. It has MP3 and a camera which both features I will use alot. And it is a totally weird looking phone, it's "unique".,8764,43867,00.html
    Feel free to comment. And pros or cons or rumours.

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    very lame phone. personally the design would **** me off holding the phone on the diagonal. i feel the interface looks really basic for the style of the phone.

    if you want to spend that much money, look at a Nokia 6230, if you want something different get a 6600.

    You''re paying a good 200-300$+ for a bizare design.

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    i own the Nokia 6230 and it is fantastic...great phone if you can afford it. its around $1300 Australian i think to buy.
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    no phone is worth that much money, imo anyway
    I also think that a phone should be just that, a phone. Not a mp3 player, not a camera (god i hate camera phones), just a phone. If you want an mp3 player and a digicam, buy them seperately. They sell some very small mp3 players and cams that you wont have to replace next year when you get tired with your current choice.

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