Hi All-

I recently purchased a DVD Recorder and the Sima CT-2 Video Enhancer unit. I was trying to accomplish 2 things, both of which I thought would be possible with this combination of equipment, plus my regular DVD player. The first thing I did was to transfer my home videos from when I was a kid. They were recently converted from 8 mm to VHS. The CT-2 copied them and brightened them up so well, that I saw scenes I haven't seen in 40 years. The other thing I was hoping to accomplish was to make back-up copies of my computer games. My son throws my expensive computer games around like frisbees, and I figured I would copy them and put them away, in case my son breaks one, which I am sure will happen. Even though the CT-2 claims to be able to copy even protected discs, my DVD player tells me that the format of the computer game is not compatible and to insert a compatible disk. All I was trying to do was dupe them for myself, but evidently I am either doing something wrong, or this is not possible. Can someone please tell me if the combination of a DVD recorder, DVD player and the Sima CT-2, is enough to make back-up copies of my games, and if so, what am I doing wrong? If not, can someone tell me how this can be done?....maybe some kind of connection between my DVD recorder and my computer?, although my computer only has a DVD ROM drive and no DVD burner. In the meantime I will continue to convert all my old tapes over, since the DVD's take up a whole lot less space, and hopefully somebody can help me figure out the PC game problem.
Thanks so much!!!!

Rick (Sunyb36)