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Thread: Verizon's Absurd Security Deposit

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    Default Verizon's Absurd Security Deposit

    I recently found out that I was a victim of identity theft... I checked my credit report and there was a charge on my credit report since Feb. of 2001 (I was 13) from Spiegel and it was $1000 past due.

    Anyway, not too long ago I tried signing up for a Verizon Wireless phone service. The customer rep was friendly and pointed me to the $300-$400 phone section which, at the time I didn' mind spending. He told me the phone had everything and based on my past experience with Verizon (Being that it can work in Gadsden, South Carolina where virtually NO cell phone recpetion is available except Sprint in analog mode and Verizon) I wanted a verizon phone bad, and that was until they ran my credit and said I would have to put down a $400 deposit - Forget that. I eventually signed up with Cingular. But I began to think back, I was turned down for several credit cards also and the response from each company was that I had "Past Due Balances On My Credit" - Which I turns out isn't my balance at all. But, I think that the $400 deposit is extremely overboard. Like, I just happened to have $1000 in my pocket at 18. In fact, I din't have any money just a credit card....

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    so they asked you to put down 400$ deposit coz you had bad credit?? you should get your credit report cleared, and then apply again to verizon

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    it's not Verizon's fault you have bad credit. Whether your credit rating is your own fault or not isn't the point. This is the type of thing to expect when you have bad credit and try to do anything that requires more than one payment. Not to mention that you tried to buy a phone and service with a credit card while having such a major blimish on your credit... wasn't smart. By charging you with a large security deposit Verison was simply trying to cover their own ass.

    Bad credit will always cost you much, much more in the long run.

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