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Thread: What phone should I buy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Albinus
    Capital Cities and Suburbs[/b]

    1) Optus
    2) Vodafone
    3) Telstra

    Fringe Suburbs and Major Highways

    1) Optus
    2) Telstra
    3) Vodafone

    Remote Towns and Minor Highways

    1) Telstra
    2) There is no other carrier :D
    I agree, especially the rural area options :)
    Note, don't go with Vodafone unless you need to take it to UK (I _think_ they have direct Plug&play support there since there's Vodafone over there too, but even then I'm not sure whether it can do that :p)
    Nokia phone LED modding info:

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    I see people bragging about 3DMark scores of 14000... meh, I managed to achieve that a year ago with a P4 1.6A @ 2.4 stock aircooled, Abit BD7-RAID, 512MB Samsung TCB3 with a Gainward GF4 TI4200 @315/620 :D

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    Looks like I sparked a good chat here. Seems the argument is pretty location specific.

    I am convinced that in my area CDMA is better and will be getting even better soon as they put the new towers in. I am South Coast of NSW past Wollongong.

    I travel to Vic and Canberra semi-regularly and there are balckspots regularly. The Telstra guy reckons the new towers will help with this and says they wont support gsm only cdma.

    Thus any reccomendation of what CDMA phone to buy?
    Preferably a make and model and some reasons.

    Thanks everyone :)

    OK so my signature is lame - I can live with it!

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    Kyocera are good imho not just because i have one, the 2135. The Hel$tra guys use kyocera 3065 6530? Its the model up from mine.
    Easy to use even i can drive mine.
    they are not small phones maybe more suited to guys than gals



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    Well i have got 8210 currently and am going to buy an 8310 soon as i can get the time to go to the shop during business hours.

    I definately recommend any Nokia phone...

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