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Poll: Mobile Phones are over-charged

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Thread: Rant: Mobile Phone Costs

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    I've got a bit of a rant...

    Over the past week or so I've been checking out mobile phone prices around the city, and I must say - the asking price of all the latest phones are totally ridiculous.

    The phone I was looking at buying outright, the Nokia 8310, was over $800 AU at most stores.

    I cannot justify spending that much on a phone, $400 maybe... but no way, not that much!

    Now I don't know if all the big phone companies think they can charge an arm and a leg now that every man and his dog carries and phone with him or her, but geez... these prices are WAY over the top!

    : peace:
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    We have a lot of good deals on the phones here in the US but they usually require at leasta 1 year commitment to the service to get the good price.

    Some of the newer sprint phones here can play games in color [i could have sworn some kid was playing kung fu master on his phone Friday on my way in to work]. if anyone remember Kung Fu Master I will feel less old.

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    What does that say if cell phones have enough memory/storage capability on them to play that game.

    In other words, it doesnt surprise me a bit if you actually DID see it LOL.

    Cell phones in Korea are probably some of the more advanced ones in the world. I'll get around to taking a picture of mine one of these days. I've never seen anything like it. I'll be pissed when I have to go back to the states and use an "inferior" phone!

    Most plans here are affordable, since EVERYONE and their dog.. yes, dog.. has a cell phone. Still, for a foreigner, I had to pay roughly a $100 fee to convince them I wasn't going to not pay my bill and leave the country.
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    Most phones even the lower priced ones (still to expensive) are feature rich, how often if ever do you use all these features.

    I have a CDMA, as i live in the country, my phone the
    Kyocera 2135, ample features cost $320 outright purchas,so l can swap to cheaper plans as they become availiable.

    A $800 aud. pnone ......thats for keeping up with the "Jones" imo and will the $400's of extras be used that often.

    Some ppl require these features, but they are not the norm.

    Phones and call charges are way to high in Australia.

    And Hel$tra cannot even get my dial-up service to specs, my modem speed averages 10 to 11kbps

    Feel better little rant for the day :mad:
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    Cell phones are scheduled to be having cable modem speeds before 2005 ;)
    New Sig soon, old one was way outdated.


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    I live just fine without a mobile phone.
    The wife thinks I need one in case of an emergency traveling to and from work. I say, "Why? If I need to call, I'll just throw a rock at the first vehicle that comes by - they'll have the cops there in no time." Everybody else has a Cell so I don't need one:D

    And if you want to call me, you'll have to wait till I get home.
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    My room phone died and the local carrier had the best deal for me. My phone is an Ericsson R300d---nothing fancy, but a step up from the exact same priced Audiovox model they had. Cost me $50 USD (what is that $600 AUD:D:p)---so pretty cheap.

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