My phone broke and i went into Sprint about a week ago and asked if i could get a new one. The lady said that the display was a common problem on this phone, and that they were gonna take my phone and send me a reconditioned one in 2-5 business days. As much as i didn't want to let go of my phone, i did, and got another one 3 business days later (almost a week really)

1. They didn't charge the battery for me, that took one nite

2. They didn't program my phone number/account into the phone, that took a trip to the Sprint store.

3. When i first tried to make a call after walking out of the store it wouldn't call, the lady said its because the service takes 1-2 hrs to fully connect.

Ok, this was all fine til now.

4. When the phone finally connected i got a call and couldn't hear anything! I tested it later, and they sent me a phone with a broken microsopeaker! I cant hear anything, ppl can hear me, i can make calls, but no sound!

What should i do:
1. Go into the store, ask for a new phone to be delivered like last time, and live with it.
2. *****, and ask for a new activated phone right then from in the back - no shipping crap! AND a free month service.
3. Claim breach of contract under their Satisfaction Guarantee policy (i read it all) and walk away from it all. Maybe go to T-Mobile.