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Thread: More problems with my asus Motherboard

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    Ok so It booted up ok the other day. I put it back into the case with the original power supply (350w). It didn't boot up. I tried with a older 300 watt power supply it worked. So I placed everything back into the case with the 300 watt power supply it boots up and goes into windows. However the idle temp was 55c!!!!!!!!! it used to be 25! I had to leave at that point but when I got back to boot the thing back up it wouldn't boot.

    I decided to remove the heatsink and check everything. I removed all of the old thermal paste and replaced it with some fresh stuff. I made sure everything was re-attached yet it still wouldn't boot up. Is this a problem with the motherboard or what? This has only started happening when I decided to tidy up all of the cabling in side the case. Before this it never crashed or had problems loading.

    i don't think its 350w psu or the 300w as when I orginally thought. When I thought the motherboard had blown I transfered my athlon system into my p4 case with the 350w psu and the athlon ran fine. I really am stumped on this one and I would greatly appreciate any help. Oh and I porperly grounded my self this time round.

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    seems that when you tided up, you messed something up. Check and recheck and than check again all your cableing.

    Hope it something small

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    I've swapped the power supplies over twice now and still it doesn't boot. I'm 100% sure that I haven't missed anything or forgotten to plug anything in. I still have no idea what could be wrong with it.

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    Did you also refit the CPU? That worked for me once when the system didn't boot
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    Unplug all memory module/s and/or AGP/PCI card/s then reinsert them as some cases flex when they're worked on (mainly alloy and tinfoil ones though) which flexes the mobo and cards in turn causin' "socket creep" combined with surface corrosion (when I clean the "dust bunnies" outa cases I also reseat all the cards again as it saves havin' to open it again in the short term).

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    yeah I re-seated the CPU yesterday when I was cleaning the heatsink. I will also try taking all the cards out I seem to remember I had this problem when I first built the PC so I took all the cards out until it booted. Although it did boot then when I turned it off then turned it on again later it refused to post. :confused: I dunno whats going on with it. I expect I will be posting again in about an hour when I've gotten home from work.

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    Right I've got it working again now. I reckon it was the internal light I've got. As everytime its unplugged it works. However, when its plugged it doesn't work. Thanks guys for all your help and everything. : peace2: :) :) :)

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