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Thread: Have i tried everything?

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    Built a pc for my son about 4 weeks ago.Its been running great for weeks.Tonight he says its crashed and wont do anything.Hes tried to switch it of and switch it on again.Now nothing works,no display.Opened the case disconnected all the drives (floppy,cd +hard).Still no display.Swapped a stick of memory.Still no display.Changed graphic cards.Still no display.Swapped processor to my pc and it works.So does this point to the motherboard?.Is there anything else i can try?.There is an led lights up on the motherboard and the fans kick in but no display.Have i tried everything?
    Please help

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    Check the power supply. Might have fried and decreased its power output. If thats all right then unfortunately you might have to change the mb.

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    Are there any extra bits that have been added prior to the system not working if so remove these.

    Are you getting any kind of system beep a few seconds after the power is turned on? Try booting it without any memory to see if you get a long beep from the speaker.

    When the power is turned on is the monitor displaying a 'new signal message'? - Could be the graphics card, motherboard or a system conflict.

    If you have another pc. Take the processor from that and the power supply and try booting it outside the case. Its possiable the mother board might be shorting on something in the case. Use adaquate protection underneath the motherboard though like a anti static bag or even a box but no metal.

    If you've tried taking out all the cards and the hardware and the thing still isn't booting up. Try reseting the cmos by removing the battery and shorting the two clear cmos pins. It will tell you in the manual which pins to connect with the jumper.

    Then try booting up with the orginal power supply and processor (you may want to put fresh thermal paste on whilst your here) and hard drive and memory to see if there was a setting in bios
    that was causing a problem. If it boots up then great but you'll have to change all the settings back again to how they were obviously being careful not to make the same change that might have stopped the pc from booting.

    If you're running a os like 98 then grab another hard drive and try using that. The boot record on the orginial hard drive might have become corrupt. If your running XP I suggest that you don't do this as it will probably not recognise the system its been connected to and stop your pc from booting.

    I think after all that and if its still not working then I think the motherboard has probably gone. :(

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    Maybe its the monitor if theres no display?

    ta ta

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