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Thread: ASUS A7N8X questions

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    Well it's been a few years since I've bought a new system and it looks like I'm out of touch with things again. But I've done some looking around and it seems like everyone is liking the a7n8x mobo. But I have a few questions about it:

    - What's the difference between the regular and deluxe versions?
    - Will it support Barton or do I need to use Thoroughbred?
    - What memory should I use? I'm looking at Apacer PC3200 DDR400... any thoughts on that?

    My overall goal is to put together a stable, quality system that's going to last me at least three years. I'm not planning to o/c, in fact if the system is too noisy I may underclock enough to not need a cpu fan.


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    UNDERCLOCK...YUCK!...but whatever floats your boat...

    Anyhow...the difference with the Deluxe and the Regular is SATA raid controller and dual LAN i believe the Deluxe includes digital sound . Both reg and Del. use Dual Channel Memory.

    The nForce2 mobos do support the new Bartons chips...i use the EPOX n Force2 reg mobo with a 2500+ Barton.

    You can use PC2700 if you like...especially you that isn't into overclocking and don't need that extra headroom. Right now i am using two 512mb sticks of samsung memory. Works great...and they are affordable...if not get your self two 256mb of Cosair Memory they are great value and are very good when comes down to stability.

    There are alot of choices out there for the nforce2 chipset...Besides ASUS...look into Epox...or ABIT...both are very good stable mobos...EPox tends to be the best Value.

    Good luck with the new system !
    - Damien

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    Definetly go with the Samsung memory, good choice :)
    The Deluxe includes firewire 1394, NVIDIA Soundstorm onboard sound (The regular A7N8X just has NVIDIA onboard sound...) The deluxe has 2 onboard NIC's instead of one. Although I don't know why the typical desktop user would need 2 onboard LAN's!
    All you ASUS A7N8X/A7N8X'rs should visit this awesome forum for all of your mobo needs :thumb:
    [Mobo] Asus A7N8X w/ Modified 1003 Uber BIOS w/ Custom Boot logo
    [CPU] Athlon XP 2200+ Thoroughbred
    [Memory] 512 Samsung PC3200 DDR400 w/ Copper Heatsink(s)
    [Video Card] Geforce 3 ti200 128 DDR Special Gold Edition

    [Case] All aluminum Skyhawk case w/ custom cut blowhole
    [HSF] Volcano 11 Xaser Edition
    [Northbridge] ThermalTake Crystal Orb
    [Southbridge] Aluminum Northbridge heatsink attatched

    Operating System:
    [OS] Windows XP Pro w/ SP1

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    To get support for the new 200MHz FSB Barton's then make sure then that ya get Version 2 of that motherboard. ;)

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    Thanks guys. Flaco, I just checked out the Epox... looks like I'll be saving some on the mobo to put into a faster CPU, thanks :)! And yeah I hope not to underclock, but noise is a significant consideration as the PC will be in the living room. I'm going for quiet fans but if that's not enough... for 99% of what I'll be doing the performance hit won't matter if I underclock a little.


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    Well...with a good case and slower fans you will be fine with just a decent cpu hsf...

    BTW...i was only kidding about the whole yuck thing...a PC is just that a Personal Computer...and its yours you do what you want...have fun...:cheers:
    - Damien

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    Asus A7N8X DLX V2 with Ultra400 Northbridge
    AMD Barton 2500 o/c 2230 (11x202)
    Vantec Aeroflow 7040 HS+AS3 TP
    Win XP Pro + SP1 on HD NTFS
    Antec 380 watt TruePower PS
    WD HD 80 Meg 8meg cache
    2 sticks of 256meg Kingston HyperX PC3500
    ATI All-In Wonder Radeon 9700Pro
    Antec SX1000IIcase + 3 intake fans and 2 exhaust fans
    Nvidia Soundstorm
    LiteOn 52x24x52 CD/RW
    Nvidia Onboard NIC
    Viewsonic PS790 19 Monitor
    Cable Modem access through a Linksys BEFSR41 Router- FAST!

    Great board, a Cadillac. Overclocks well too especially if you grab a 2500 Barton!

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