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Thread: Friend's K7VZA MB

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    I have a friends K7VZA MB that went south...

    Yea, I know, I know... Friends don't let friends use the K7VZA... :rolleyes:

    But I wanna shot at repairing it before I set him up with a new MB..

    What happens is, the MB powers up, then shuts off after a second or two.

    I have reset the BIOS, pulled ALL cards and RAM, put in diff RAM and still have the same result..

    Toasted MB???

    Any assistance would be appreciated...


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    Not necessairly the board, but quite possible. U need to check the PSU, Ram, CPU for defects. I would do this and remove everything taht is not necessary for it to boot. Start with the PSU, Mobo, ram, and CPU. Make sure the computer speaker is plugged in, and listen for beeps to see if it recongnizes the missing video. Then start switching components like the PSU (my fisrt guess at the culprit), the go for ram (which is done), and last CPU. I say CPU last because Athlons tend to be somewhat picky about being moved too much and can easily have the die chipped. Make sure to remove all IDE devices, and PCI cards.

    If the system just started randomly not working, odds are its a hardware issue, not bios related.

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    id say its your mobo, had this exact problem, was a short in the mobo ciruitry, i dont think you can really repair that, since its etched on.

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