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Thread: bios upgrade

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    Hi i wan't to see if there is an upgrade( flash) for my bios, it's a AWARD BIOS version 6 dates back to 2001/on a VIA Motherboard I can't seem to find the web site to see if there is one, Any one know where to look. Thanks to who replies.
    PS-Iv'e looked on VIA web site and it's the same date and version as the one i have.
    P4-1.7 (socket 423 )
    Via motherboard
    400 fsb
    256-DDR 2100 mem
    AC 97 sound
    Award bios
    Maxtor 60 Hdd 7200
    5 cooling fans

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    Beefy Guest


    First question: Why do you want to update? If everything is working, then you don't need to.

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    I agree with Beefy. But are you also sure that it is a VIA mobo and not just a VIA chipset in your rig?

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    This is what SIS says it is Manufacture-VIA Technologies Inc
    System Bios- 10/22/2001 P4x266-8233-6A6CW00BC00(Award)
    Chip set-P4x266/A
    And SIS say's i should update my BIOS because SIS can't read some of the info like how much memory i have. Not that i am really kean on doing an upgrade but i thought i would look it up just in case i needed to do one.Just to answer your question if its a VIA motherboard I wen't on via's web site found my board
    P4x266 VL33-S
    Apollo-P4-266 Thanks for the reply.

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    Man, I hate to pass you onto another forum, but you should really check out a placed called These guys are all over mobo's, BIOS and similar feats. If you can't find your answer there, then there probably isn't one to be found.

    Good luck!
    Dimension 4550 | Intel 845PE Chipset | P4 2.53ghz, 533 FSB | 256mb PC2700 DDR RAM | WD 60gb 7200rpm (2mb cache) | IBM 60gb 7200rpm (2mb cache) | nVIDIA Geforce4 MX 420 (64mb) | Soundblaster Live! | WinXP Pro SP2

    Inspiron 9300 | Pentium M 740 | P4-M 1.73ghz, 533 FSB | 512 MB DDR2 SDRAM 533MHz (2 DIMM) | 60 GB 5400rpm | 64MB ATI Mobility Radeon X300 | Integrated Audio | 17" Wide Screen XGA+ Screen | WinXP Pro SP2

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