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Thread: is reflashing BIOS risky?

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    i've been wanting to reflash my BIOS with a more updated one lately, but it seems risky, because i've read in some places that if you mess up you have to bring it in somewhere and get it reflashed professionally, which i really don't want to do,

    and how exactly do you reflash bios?
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    Actuall, flashing your bios is not too risky now, as long as you follow the directions on your motherboard manuf. site. The directions, vary so use what they say.

    If you cant figure out with your mobo manufacturers instructions, Just ask

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    Different motherboard manufacturers have different methods for flashing the BIOS. If you check out the website where you're getting the new revision of the BIOS from (hopefully this is the manufacturers site) then you will more than likely be able to find a step by step process to complete the flash.

    In theory, you can fry your mainboard with a bad flash, but it is really pretty simple as long as you follow the steps EXACTLY. :)
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    To flash an ASUS, it pretty much does it on its own with its new software.

    It was really in the "old days" (couple years ago) that flashing was a lot more complicated and risky. You had to load to dos, have a disk, ect. ect. It is a LOT easier now.
    Nothing to worry about.
    If its your 1st time, print out the directions off the MB site and go through them.

    Good luck,
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    It's pretty simple. I've had a few bad flashes and they were easy enough to fix. Some of the newer motherboards have a dual bios so if u make a mistake with the flash, the secondary bios is unaffected and will copy itself over the error. Gigabyte and Asus have this feature, asus mroe so on their newest baords.

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