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Thread: Worst Motherboard EVER!

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    Hello Iam new to the site as you can tell, a user named The Beast refered me to it. I was wandering if anyone else had one of these terrible motherboards. its a ECS P4VXASD2+ I swear the thing was hell since I got it! It would not except the video card at first, like no boot screen. It wont even run 3DMark2001SE! without freezing, it autorestarts all the time basically its a pile! I was wandering if any could get 3D mark to run on it?

    heres my configuation.

    256MB ram 2100 crucial

    30 Gig Maxtor

    52x Cd rom Creative

    intel Ham 56k modem

    VisionTek GeForce 2 Ultra.

    Windows 2000 pro

    BTW I bought a NIB Biostar motherboard off of ebay and I plan to install it soon. then my nightmare will be over.:afro:

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    Dude, let me be the first to tell you, ECS is crap. The mobo was probably performing how it was meant to be, but its meant to be crap.

    And, sorry to tell ya this, but Biostar wont be much better. They are both budget boards of the budget boards. Hopefully ya got that biostar cheap enough that it wont break the bank to know ya wasted your cash.

    Nother thing, dont expect to get much more then 2500 on 3Dmark2001 with that GF2. Time for an upgrade there too.

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    Well they ain't good for power users anyway as ECS along with names like PCChips, Biostar and other unfamiliar names are basically budget OEM manufacturers and should be kept as far away from as possible. :thumbs do

    Stay with names like Abit, ASUS, EPoX, Gigabyte, MSI, etc,.. and you'll do a lot better though cheap cases with generic PSU's can be probs as well.

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    Sorry to hear you got an ECS, then "upgraded" to a biostar. They are both crap.
    Wiggo said it all. Stick with Asus, Abit, ect.

    Hope that biostar works out for you. I haven't ever heard of anybody having very much luck with them.

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    Dude, let me be the first to tell you, ECS is crap
    I second that motion. I had a K7S5A and i had to mod the chipset cooling just to run stock speeds (133). Epox is definetly the way to go, or probly anyhting n-force 2 is good. ECS is only good for a really really tight budget, and thats pushin it too. Got a 8RDA+ comin in the mail and i cant wait.

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    ECS makes Jebus cry. I'm not sure what's more painful: using an ECS board or getting my nuts slammed with a sledgehammer.

    There is a reason to pay some decent money for a motherboard.

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    Default :smokin:
    should be able to get a good Board Cheep
    I found a place called target USA.Inc they have MSI with CPU and fan CHEEP under 100
    then U can use your cpu get a nother board some memory then wala you know have a back up or 1 to sell
    U make money eather way If you blow your 1 board u still have a back up saves money eather way you look at it
    but please through that crap board away
    :shoot3: run my child run :shoot3:
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    self computer building rule #1: don't cheap out on your mobo, case or psu.

    sorry mate.

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    I agree. You definitely want to get the best for your mobo, psu, case and even the harddrive

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    PCChips make the ****tiest budget mobo around IMO

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