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Thread: P4P800 DELUXE fried/owned/...etc ?

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    So recently I noticed (I cant seem to notice stuff like this faster :P ) that my mobo beeps. And not just your standard 1 beep or no beep :( . IT beeps 5 its doing it 5 and half a beep :p.

    So basicly I have a question...well maybe more than one question.

    1) Is it dead or dying?
    2) If so..y am i able to boot to windows ?
    3) Maybe I did something to it (but i really havent even messed around with it) ?

    I havent o/c'd anything on the mobo. I tried disabling the cpu memory bybass option it has..and any other bios tweaks it had. SO basicly default settings and it beeps. I also tried taking out every pci card in it and no go. Could it be the video card?

    I have the latest bios 1009 also. All problems started with 1008 and thats about all i noticed.

    Any help greatly appreciated :D

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    If you have tried everything, I would take it back or send it away for warranty.... I would cry if my one did that...
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    Mine beeps on startup at the AI screen. One low, two high, real quick. Sounds like some cute little beep they put on there for the hell of it.

    Like "beep beep beep, im starting up!".

    It is not one of the warning codes.

    Don't know about yours though, I don't get 5....

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    look thought your mobo manual or online for the meaning of the specific BIOS error code

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    I would do what bubba suggested, as well as pulling out your video card and ram, and reseating them. Just to see if maybe one of them is not making a good connection.


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