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Thread: a different MOBO

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    The ALi Magik and SiS 745 are the only two chipsets that I've seen for AMD K7 systems that actively support either memory but neither are what I'd call power systems and both have their own querks to which I recommend ppl stay away from if possible.

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    so wiggo what would you use? if you wanted to use the sdram with the 1800+ pali.

    I know that ill be killing the speed with the sdram but right now im not in the position to buy very much. i have to have a new mobo 'cause my ga-7zxr crapped out on me and i dont know yet if gigabye is going to fix it. and right now i'm a little tired of chasing technology, it gets a little two pricey.


    p.s. when i get to buy more i'll just put this stuff into my sons rig.
    Hope this helps

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    unless you buy something that uses that memory, at a different cost...........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightstalker
    I though that sdram was 168 pin with two notches in the slot and ddr sdram was 184 pin with 1 slot?

    how do it fit?
    It has both types of mem sockets
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