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Thread: messed up in BIOS

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    O god, I just went to my bios setup, and i think i screwed up the settings, i disabled my quiet boot on my hard drive, but i think i disabled the booting on my hd, so when i saved the settings and restarted, it gives me the options to either F2 SETUP or F12 BOOT TO NETWORK, but when i hit F2, or the delete button on my keyboard. my comp won't boot. atall, god, i'm so stupid. Is there anything that i can do to get my drive to boot so i can load the setup and change the settings??? I need so much help. luckily i have a wireless network i set up so i can access the web on my handheld, but that's about it. Specs: alienware pent 4 1.8 ghz, intel motherboard, 40 gig hd, with an added 120. (this is why i changed my settings) someone said to disable the quiet boot to try to get the access speed up. but i think i did more than that and disabled my boot drive as well (the 40 gig hdd). So am I completely screwed? will i lose all of my data on both drives and do i have to fork out money to go to a comp fixer? I need answers, If anyone can help me, pleeez, I need it.
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    just reset the cmos (BIOS). Depending on your mobo you will either have to move a jumper or remove the battery. If you can't figure out which jumper it is, just remove the battery and unplug your PC from the wall for 5-10 minutes. Then plug it back up and replace the battery, boot the PC and the BIOS will be reset to it's defaults.

    You should do a little reading before you go playing the bios, it's not what one might call 'user friendly'.

    Also, next time please put some thought into your thread titles. I halfway expected to read about some poor kid that got a goat pregnant after seeing "OMG OMG I did something really bad" ;)
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    You should have a jumper on that motherboard to allow you to reset the CMOS values to factory default. After you accomplish this, the system should boot to system defaults and auto-detect any hard drives present.

    A couple of other things to check are these:
    - Make sure you have an appropriate jumper on the new HDD set to slave or master; whichever is appropriate.
    - If you do not have a jumper to reset CMOS defaults, remove the onboard battery for about 10 minutes or so.

    Hmmm... got beat to the punch. :p
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