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Thread: ASUS Customer Service - worst in industry?

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    ASUS is one of the top mb co's. However, now that I built my machine and required a decent tech support (t-s), I have noticed that ASUS falls far short of my expectations.

    For example:
    1) In order to install the mb I needed a "Manufacturer's-Support Hardware Disk" - not included in the box - had to be copied from the CD!
    2) No instructions were given about this disk, where to find the files, nor how to do it without having a second computer!
    3) How do you find out? Call ASUS, and ASUS t-s calls back 24 hrs. later.
    4) After I had the machine running for a few days, I decided - as a lark - to run the ASUS BIOS update app. Not only did it crash my computer on reboot... the reason was "No harddrive detected." I have 2x80GB as a RAID 0. The RAID controller was seen, I could copy the files to re-install WinXP Pro, but upon reboot: "No harddrive detected."
    5) After a full day of trying everything from fixboot, to format, to delete partition, I gave up. So I got my old machine up and submitted a request to ASUS t-s 24 hrs ago. I asked them to call me. "Please," I pleaded. No call, no email, $95 to repair at a local shop.


    After such a wonderful time with ASUS t-s I have decided to stop buying ASUS products and look for a comparable manufacturer - preferablely one with a decent t-s.

    Any suggestions?


    Windows XP Pro
    Intel P4 3.00GHz 800 FSB (no o/c yet :))
    ASUS P4P800
    Twin 512MB Corsair XMS DDR 400
    2x80GB Seagate SATA as RAID 0 160GB
    ASUS Radeon 9600XT
    Adaptec 2940UW Pro Host Adapter
    Plextor 12Plex (Read CD)
    Plextor PleXWriter (Write CD)
    Enermax 460W PSU
    Lian-Li PC-61 case
    Linksys 4-port cable router model: BEFSR41 (to be bought)

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    this is why i always check whether the company has a local office in my city or not. $95 to repair a new mobo must have hurt quite bad.
    in my city the company that imports ASUS products also imports Logitech, Sony and other products and they have excellent support so I have never experienced any problems with them (touchwood) but I feel your anguish.
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