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i plan on getting this kt600 epox board replacing msi kt3 ultra2-r
[given the kt880 doesnt pop up ]
it has hpt372 raid controller

would the pci latency still be an issue with via 8237

could anybody link me to a guide /tutor how to setup raid0

im a photoshopoholic using pix file sizes ranging from 3-25mb
what stripe size etc..
would be the optimal recommended values

also im running 98lite http://www.litepc.com/
what version via 4 in 1

the new bios has cpu/ram settings im unfamiliar with

bios screenshots

im an ultra soft overclocker 2-5mhz

bios settings youd use?
im probably getting either ocz perf 512mb
or corsair xms 2-3-3-6-1t

id love 400 bus xp3000
most likely 2800/333 i am poor

thanks in advance i hope :
:shrug: :devil win