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Thread: A7V600 a good mobo? please help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrjungle
    So basically, im better of running everything standard.
    No, PC2700 will overclock to some extent and the faster the FSB the better the performance as data is tranfered quicker. ;)
    [b]Overclocking seems like a lot of hastle for not a lot of gain.:rolleyes2
    In fact it's quite the opposite.
    [b]Infact, if you need top of the range gear to overclock doesent that sort of defeat the object?
    No ya don't need "top of the range gear" but ya do need to do a little homework on the parts that ya goin' to use to be sure that ya have that bit of "headroom" for explorin' the darkside. :devil win
    [b] Now where did i put my fly rod.......
    I have absolutely no idea. :shrug:

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    :laugh: :) @ Wiggo!! I found my fly rod, it was in me wardrobe!!

    ok Right so lets get this straight. I can overclock my PC2700 and my Athlon 2600 together? I have a 400MHZ FSB on an nforce2 400 chipset.

    I got the frequency for my CPU, but how do i alter my memory speed? more to the point, will i end up blowing the whole system like i usually do:flames:

    I still think im better of running everything standard!!

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