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Thread: kt400 mobo cmos wiped

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    help...I was clearing the cmos by shorting the jumper. When i got a call to leave home , I had left the jumper on the shorting pins
    atx power suppy unpluged from mobo. I have cleared the cmos many times before without problems. Now i cant get to post or see anything on screen. i get the normal beeps and hear thr floppy and hd drives but cant see a thing, changed vid card. nothing Is it possible that leaving the jumper on short for a long time wiped the cmos and bios?

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    No. leaving the jumper across should not have erased everything in the bios, but just reset it to default. Could be that leaving it jumpered so long caused the battery to leak out, meaning the CMOS battery might be dead now.. Any others agreee with that? As far as jumper, it is a thing to clear the CMOS back to original default, with normal setups. Somewhere in your CMOS setup you might not have enabled the things you need to to make all things work like they did. Getting the CMOS right can make you scratch your head... (Notice my hair??) Best to write down the setting you had, BEFORE you clear the CMOS so you can best duplicate them again after a new flash.
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    it would be impossible to wipe the defaults from the cmos chip in this way since they are physically written to it. The setting you cleared are in a separate part of the cmos which is not unlike RAM and needs a continual power source to maintain the settings (thus the need for the battery). That's why removing the battery/jumper clears any user-made setting but leaves the defaults untouched.

    The battery should be fine since moving the jumper is essentially disconnecting it, similar to physically removing it from the mobo.

    I hate to ask the obvious, but have you double-checked to make sure the jumper was put back correctly and the mobo/psu connection is snug and secure?
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