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Thread: Motherboard POLL

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    You want advice on which motherboard to buy? Well, you told us nothing about yourself . . . what kinds of applications you intend to run. What's good for one person might not be so good for another. Here's why . . .

    Office systems: Emphasize stability
    Gaming systems: Emphasize performance
    Normal home-user systems: Need good stability at a reasonable price.

    You seem to be looking at higher priced boards. So, if money doesn't mean anything, then go for a high-end performance board like the Asus A7V333 or the Gigabyte GA-7VRXP.

    These are two EXTREMELY good boards. The Asus may cost a little more. I've used AOpen, Asus, and Gigabyte boards. So, I can tell you a little about each.

    AOpen - has a decent (not the best but not bad either) board at a decent price. Their manuals are short but very helpful, and the boards are jumperless, so even a novice can handle them (if they read the manual).

    Asus - high end boards (usually among the 2 or 3 best) with a high-end price tag. They have excellent documentation and the retail box comes with everything you could want.

    Gigabyte - high end boards (usually among the top 3-4) at a slightly lower price than Asus or AOpen. They pack the box full of goodies (like Asus). The overclock utility that they include with their board is nice for overclockers (but they don't tell you what to do with the information it gives, so you better already know. The manuals aren't very good (they omit a lot of info and don't explain anything very well). I just bought a GA-7VRXP and I'm pretty impressed with it. It does seem to have everything an overclocker could want. I'm slowly bumping up the speed of my Athlon 2000+ and so far so good.

    Remember, a high-end board means you're going to pay more for high-end memory, a high-end hard drive, and a high-end video card. And, if you want your system to look cool to boot, then you've got to get an Aluminum case with the clear window from (I absolutely love mine). Oh yeah, then you need a blue cathode bulb to make your system shine!

    Well, I've written a book, so good luck and have fun!


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    Anyone know about the PCI dividers on that Gigabyte. I haven't really seen any info about it and that's the one thing I'm looking at with that board.

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