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Poll: P3V4X ocerlocking and upgrade

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Thread: P3V4x Upgrade & Voodoo 5

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    Hi All,

    I would like to upgrade my motherboard. I have a P3V4x with a Pentium III 866 slot 1. Is there a higher end board than the P3V4X? I have a Voodoo 5, 1gig 133mhz SDram. Windows 2000, 30 gig 7200rpm harddrive. I have my system overlocked to a 936. It will not POST over 950mhz. I think I can go higher than this.

    If you can provide any infomation.

    Mark Peters:confused:

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    Ummm, no not really, as slot 1 is, well, kinda dead. Unless you're using a Socket 370 P3 in a Slocket--which you don't, you're gonna have to buy a new CPU if you upgrade to a new board. The V5 is a little old, and some boards, specifically any using the Intel i850 chipset is a fatal combo with the V5.

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