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Thread: Can One 'Repair' A Motherboard? (Help!)

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    'llo All,

    I'm afraid that it somehow the ATX pwr Connector on my Asus P4P800 MBrd is damaged. I know enough not to force ANYTHING (e.g. card, cpu, pwr. connector etc.) when assembling a system, so I am not sure if the board was defective when I got it, or if I (despite all caution) managed to 'break it' myself, but this is irrelevant...

    Specifically, part of the plastic from the plug from the pwr supply has broken off inside one of the 'compartments' of the ATX pwr connector on the MB, and I can't extricate it. I became aware of this after my system suddenly started becoming more and more unstable, then stopped even POST-ing. (It is (was?) newly built.) Checking all connections, I discovered this.

    Question: is there anyway I can get a replacement ATX pwr connector for the MBRD? (I will get a new, quality pwr supply, of course.) If so, how difficult would it be to install it? (Simple soldering is OK.)



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    argg i hate this postin setup...anyways

    so? if i understand this right the atx conneter fell off...

    well thats the first time i heard of that.

    i dont think soldering it will work because its very find detail.

    maybe rma?

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    if it is part of the plastic from the power connecter from your power supply thats jammed into the power plug on your motherboard then I doubt very much you can RMA the motherboard as it's not a motherboard fault! you'd have to speak to who ever you got your case/power supply from!

    thats the way I see it anyways! :cheers:

    good luck anyways.....................

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