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Thread: soundcard interuptus

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    I have an RME Hammerfall Multiface sound card thatís running on a GA-81PE1000 pro Titan GT mobo. Problem is that when the RME card is on the PCI bus XP disables the AC97 mobo sound. When the RME is unplugged the AC97 enables fine.

    Very annoying, looks like RME is bieng auto detected

    Any ideas anybody?:steam:

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    So what you're saying is that when a physical sound board is in the system onboard is disabled? And the problem is?

    This is the way it is supposed to work. If you try to enable both sound devices you will find yourself with a world of system conflicts.
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    I have run this RME interface with a creative live card quite happily for many years in my old P3 mobo. I use the RME for multitrack 24bit recording and the live for games and windows apps etc, no problem. There is no reason I can see that two sound devices cannot run together as they are essentially designed and used for different apps, bar occasional IRQ problems. However, this is the first time I have had onboard sound options due to the recent installation of my new T4 mobo. Maybe youíre right and onboard sound simply gets disabled if a PCI sound card gets detected. I was hoping there maybe a way around this i.e. a bois option that selects an "always on" for the AC97 instead of the ďautoĒ option that forces a disable function.

    Other mobo model owners have told me that they donít have this problem; I guess itís just bios limitations with this new board. I may well have to install my old creative card and forget AC97 mobo sound. Pity as I am short PCI slots as is!

    Thanks for your reply Darthtanion, appreciate the feedback.
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