Hi ,

Im new to this forum so hi to you all :)

I bought recently a MSI KT6 Delta motherboard .
Before i had that mobo , i used to have a ABIT Kt7 raid.
The motherboard went dead and i wanted a new 1 so i bought that 1 , i didnt change the setup just the motherboard and everything was fine when i used the Abit 1.
So only thing i changed was The motherboard , i didnt change the Master / slave settings or the setup at all.

I had on IDE1 2 harddisks a WDC 40G as master and a Maxtor 80G as slave.
On IDE 2 i had a AOpen dvd player and a HP DVD burner.
I installed the new motherboard and i did poweron .
I went to bios and i noticed it couldnt find the Hard disks.
Only the 2 CDr on IDE2 ,
I changed the Harddisks to IDE2 and now the pc didnt startup , well it didnt go to bios.
I went back with the motherboard and got a new 1 , same make etc.
I did the same again and same happened with the HD 's on IDe1 ... On IDE2 it DID find the harddisks now but nothing on IDE1 , Its weird , but i couldnt be arsed anymore and i again went back , and they said it was my problem now , it had to be my setup ...but it was all fine on my Abit Kt7 ...

I installed Windows and i looked @ system resources ... on windows ME i got 48 % available :shock:
Well on XP it runs all fine , except on both OS i cant install the LAN ethernet caqrd witch is on the motherboard , not even with the software that came with the mobo.

Well , i really dont know what could be the problem now ...hope somebody can explain what im doing wrong here.
I did a bios update and tested the cables etc.
It all runs well on a other motherboard.

XP2400 / 770 ddr 400 ram / Audigy2 / Ati 9500

Maxtor 80 Gb + WDC 40Gb + a Pinnacle TV card.

plz help me! :(