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Thread: A7n8x-e Deluxe won't initiailize

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    I just upgraded to an A7n8x-e Deluxe mainboard for my gaming rig. I also upgraded to an Athlon XP3200+. When I fired it up, everything registered perfectly (correct CPU, memory, HDD's, ect) and the POST comment confirmed BOOTING FROM OS. Before I could see any of the Windows splash screens, a BSOD flashed for a brief instant, and then the computer restarted. I tried to get in the next time through safe mode, but it happened again. On the third try, I decided to format my HDD, figuring it might be Windows not liking the new mainboard. As the setup files began to load (prior to the format section of the install), the computer rebooted once more.

    After that, it has been dead in the water. When I power it on, the motherboard does get power, and the fans power on, however nothing will initialize. Video, keyboard, sounds... nothing. It won't even give me a POST or an ERROR beep from the board. It just sits there.

    I pulled apart my other machine and started swapping parts. I tried swapping out memory modules(3200DDR), Video cards, and even PSU's (450WT), I've cleared the CMOS and I still get the same thing.... the power comes on, the fans fire up, and it just sits there. I can't get to the BIOS screen or anything.

    Any ideas before I chuck this board into the river?

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    Can't think of anything (RMA?).... But in the future always reformat and reinstall Windows when getting a new motherboard. There's pretty much no chance it will function properly on the same install with a different board.

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    RMA the MB. There is an obvious flaw with it.

    I have the same MB, it is AWESOME when it is working.


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