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Thread: MSI KT7266 Pro2

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    Hey guys/gals...been a while for me to get back here...hope everyone is doing well.

    Got this motherboard to replace on my FTP server but can't seem to get it to work right. Just trying to boot up with just the memory, CPU and video card.

    I've got DDR 2100 - 1 gb (512 x 2)
    AMD 1.3
    400 watt psu

    Now I tried the Voodoo 5 cuz I forgot to bring some of my cards over to my friends house yesterday to try so we only had that one. One point it would boot up and give beeps for bad memory but when I tried each stick separately it'd work...odd I thought, put them back in and it worked. K, so I go on then...boot up pc, get into stalls...tried quite a few times and it stalls. Gonna try two other vid cards tonight when I go back over but is there something we're missing by chance that ya'll know about?

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    Off the top of my head, I don't remember the V5 too well, but if it has a 4-pin molex connector on it, you'll wanna plug that in for extra juice (if not, disregarde that). The other thing is that it's only rated for AGP 2x, which uses 3.3V. If I'm not mistakened, the KT266 chipset used by the KT7266 Pro2 supports AGP 4x--but it is backwards compatible with AGP 2x (or should be at least).

    But, for the motherboard, have you tried clearing CMOS. There might be something setup funny causing it to not work correctly. You might even want to take out the battery for a few hours just to make sure.

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    tks for the suggestions, gonna try the CMOS and possibly the battery as well. I'm not gonna try to use the V5 anymore cuz I'm bringing over some of my agp cards that I forgot to bring yesterday. Hopefully getting it going....will let ya know.

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    ok folks, put in a rage card and it boots up normally but I have 1 gb of DDR and its only showing 512mb any thoughts on this?

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    Could be that the board is having trouble with the V5.

    For the memory, one stick could be bad, the memory slot could be bad, or a stick isn't inserted fully/properly. Reseat the sticks first. If that doesn't work, start swapping them out one at a time through all the slots on the motherboard.

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