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Thread: Asus P4P800 SE Unmountable Boot Volume Error. help!

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    Default Re: Asus P4P800 SE Unmountable Boot Volume Error. help!

    oooo... that is a bad thing then. While very rare, it looks like you may have a fried IDE channel on your mainboard. This doesn't happen very often at all is the main reason I didn't bring it up earlier. Try removing the optical devices and set up the hard drive on the secondary IDE channel to see if it will recognize the device. If it does, you'll either need to replace the motherboard or add in a PCI card for the IDE functions.

    Oh, and one more thing... have you double checked the hard drive to make sure that any necessary jumper is in the proper place for Master/Slave?
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    Default Re: Asus P4P800 SE Unmountable Boot Volume Error. help!

    switched it to the secondary channel and still got unmountable boot error when trying to install Windows. even switched it to run as a slave and it still didnt work. do you think I should get the PCI card thing?

    I just bought the board from a computer show, i dont understant how it could of gotten fried
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    Default Re: Asus P4P800 SE Unmountable Boot Volume Error. help!

    I to am having this problem and I doubt it's the IDE controller on the mother board.
    I just got a new HD and took out my OLD hard drive and tried to install WXPpro it got what Fainter got the same thing after it starts to load some file s, it goes strait to a Blue Screen "unmountable_boot_volume". So I disconnected the IDE cord and connected it back to my Old Hard drive, then reformatted the New Hard Drive and did a Scan disk, "becuase theres no other way for me to Type anything in order to run a scan Disk."

    I've went to and did a search but all that comes up is "1" topic on how people are getting this ERROR on a Restart or XP Upgrade from and older version, and i'm not doing eather, I'm starting anew.

    I've search Google,Cnet,yahoo, everywere and all that pops up is how to run a scan disk or Format after you come to the Windows installation page, but I can never get to it, I go strait to a blue screen.

    O and this is also a brand new Mother Board Abit-Company.

    This Bites,
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