ok heres the problem... i have a "friend" and she recently bought a new case for her dell based components, mobo and all... so i was helping her and we came to the conclusion that the mobo wasn't gonna fit so i ordered her a Gigabyte 7ZMMH mobo w/ an athlon 1.3ghz t-bird... i got the mobo and proc and all inatalled into the case and got evrything arranged to work and for a little while it did, i had to leave and told her i would be back the next day to finish setting evrything up... well she decided to take matters into her own n00bish hand and to try and fix the hdd detection problem by rearranging the power cabels while the system was on.. DOH you can guess what happened... PHOOT there goes an 80gb maxtor and a 3gb seagate... the seagate had alot of important info on it though... well to make a long stroy short the mobo used to work fine but now the system fan connecter doesn't work and either the agp bus got fried or something b/c neither the onboard vid. nor the agp vid card works... so im in the process of returning the mobo to the mfg. for a new one ::shhh:: they dont know its user error... so im just wondering mainly what would do that to the mobo... static electricity would have also fried the proc. but the proc is still working... i was thinking mebe it was some kind of feedback from when the hdd's were plugged and un-plugged... if you think you know why then please reply... btw im no n00b at this im just stummped on this one... more sys specs available on request

thanx -jErEmy