I have already ordered this mobo because I wanted a nf7-based mobo with gigabit-lan that didn't wasn't expensive. I also bought a 2500+ Barton.
What a misstake!
It looks like it is a bad overclocker. The non-existent multiplier is one thing, but I also read about other limiting factors (something about 2-phase and not 3-phase, limited voltage options and no CL 2 for memory).

The only thing that would make me keep it (when it arrives) is if I still can reach a stable 200 Mhz Fsb(400 effective), which means about 2.2 Ghz for the Barton(puts it maybe between 3000+ and 3200+).

Right now I also have 4*256 MB Twinmos 3200-memorys (CAS latency 2.5) which are working at about 425 Mhz right now (in my p4-based computer).
I will test with 2 of these(2*256 Mb) and later possibly buy another brand.

Maybe I'll have to change the northbrige cooler(passive), since they say it gets pretty hot? What about the Zalman ZM-NB47J? It's passive but is said to be effective anyway?

I would like to know if anybody has experienced overclocks at or past 200 FSB with this mobo (with a 2500+ Barton)?

Does an update of the bios for this mb help oc or does it make it worse?
Are there any modded bios;es for it out there, that helps oc:ing for it?
Any other mods? Since there are no options for multipliers in Bios,the hardwaretricks for unlocking the multiplier seems to be out of question(what good would an unlocked multiplier be if you can't change the multipliers afterwards)...

Any modded bioses for this?

Since this is not my main computer I just need the 200 Fsb minimum. Then I also get the goodies, like really fast Raid, doublechannel memory and the gigabit-lan.

I have the option to return this mobo and exchange it for another mobo.

But that means a lot of extra money spent on delivery and the possibility that it could have worked pretty good anyway.

So what's the probability of success?

ie if you say "probably Reaching 200 fsb" --> It should stay!
if you say "probably not reaching 200 fsb" --> It should go!