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THE SITUATION: I just switched to a system running the MSI PT880 with my Radeon 9800xt. The power supply is a 480w Thermaltake Xaser something as opposed to the old 430w one that came with my $22 case, so the power supply shouldn't be a problem. It is most likely the motherboard. I've temporarily switched in an old ATI rage something that is total crap but doesn't crash.

THE PROBLEM: at random times my VPU will crash. I know that because a few times the ATI VPU Recovery caught it, only to have it crash again soon. My screen may become all scrambly or it may just freeze. Most of the time it turns black, but sometimes even then I can hear windows shutting down. Sometimes it does work (and when it does it works awesome). I had it running for over seven hours once until I willfully restarted it. But it crashes most of the time.

(NOT) SOLUTIONS: it is definately not a driver problem. I had the latest Catalyst drivers, tried the Omega drivers, and even uninstalled all drivers and it still crashed. My card worked fine on some cheap Chaintech motherboard, so the card is fine. It is not overheating: the case is at about 78 F and the CPU 100 F, consistantly. (although I don't know if the card is overheating or not, whenever I checked the temp it was normal, but that was when it was working for extended periods of time)


Can I maybe change some stuff in the BIOS that will make it not crash?

Can I update the BIOS or something? If so - how do i do that?
I had a problem like yours, i have a Radeon 9600XT 256mb AGP8x on a MSI PT880, in my case was during games, "MOHAA" or "Need for speed", the screen turns black and the pc crash, my solution, after testing several versions of the ATi drivers, was reduce de AGP speed from 8x to 4x at the ATI definitions, now works fine, not at 8x , but without crashs in a middle of a game.