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Thread: CMOS reset to Defaults and now will not boot to Win

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    Default CMOS reset to Defaults and now will not boot to Win

    I was having a problem with installing a new DVD drive. System did not identify the drive. Later I found that I had accidentally loosened a cable from the motherboard which resolved the problem. Unfortunately during the hunt for the problem I went into BIOS and selected the setting "Reset to Defaults". It did so and ever since the computer starts up, goes through the normal screen inventory of drives and such but goes to a black screen titled " Award Software System Configuration". The screen shows a couple of items such as Pentium II and the speed. It shows the hard drive size. Other spaces are blank. The cursor is blinking under one of the values of the hard drive. The cursor will not move. No tab control, no arrow up or down, nothing on enter, no F key response. Only option I have is to reboot and hold "delete" and go into the Setup once again.
    Do not know why selecting "restore defaults" would have caused the system to freeze on the black "system configuration" screen. Originally the system had a Cyrix processor and I had a Tech person remove it and install a Pentium II processor. Perhaps the "default settings" are taking me to the settings which used to be set for the cyrix processor. Would anyone know what settings to change in the Setup to show a Pentium II processor?
    Had Tech shop look at but they said they could not fix and I should buy a new machine. I know I need a new machine but would like to get this old one working to use as a back up.
    Tried to flash BIOS off a floppy disk but even though it lights up the floppy during boot, it goes on past that drive and proceeds to the black screen "system configuration". Have a M-Tech motherboard with Award Software Version 4.51PG and a Sis 5571 chipset. Win 98 operating sys. 40Gig HD.
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    Default Re: CMOS reset to Defaults and now will not boot to Win

    The SiS chipset is probably about the worst choice for motherboards, but that is just an opinion.

    Concerning your problem, when you enter the Award BIOS setup utility, you should have some choices of settings internally. This is an old system and I don't recall the list of topics off the top of my head, but there should be an option to set the processor. Even if it is nothing more than manually setting the multiplier and FSB, you should be able to tell the system what you have installed since it is obviously not picking it up automatically. If you still can't figure out how to manually set this up, you might do a Google search of the motherboard model number and try to find someplace to download a user manual. It will likely have a bit more information that should help you fix your problem.
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