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Thread: Yes Im back, now down to business.

  1. Default Yes Im back, now down to business.

    Yes Im back, more about that in the beer garden.

    First of all hi to all those who are reading this as my first msg back, send me a PM if you remeber me, Ill update you on what the heck happened to me.

    Heres my question, cuz Im too fat and lazy to start the heavy research, I have a question.

    I have got my hands on an unlocked Barton 2800. I also got a Gig of that Kingston KHX3000K2/1G that was all the rage a while ago. I bought these a while ago but never got a chance to build the computer. So heres the deal? What the mobo to go with, Ive been out of the scene for a while now and Im not sure what I want to do. Im guess the nVidia 6800 is the new "it" card so thats what im gonna get my hands on. This is for an overclocking gaming system. Thanks to all who repsond.
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    Default Re: Yes Im back, now down to business.

    Any nForce2 mobo will suit the stuff just fine. PM me with that happened, great to see you back. :)

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