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Thread: Upgrading compaq 5423US 5000 series

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    Default Re: Upgrading compaq 5423US 5000 series

    The problem that you'll likely come across is that the recovery disk will try and load hardware drivers that you no longer require and the new mainboard which will require different drivers which will likely cause havoc with your upgraded system.

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    Default Re: Upgrading compaq 5423US 5000 series

    Quote Originally Posted by bio_zombie
    Hey thanks for replying. I went to my local DIT store and for about $250 I can get a case(with power,but if not you say 450 should be good?), motherboard, and new processor and that's all I need. I have everything else I need in my compaq computer(hard drive, cd and dvd drives,graphics, sound) I just wish I could say the brand names DIT had so I can tell if it's a good deal. All I want in my motherboard is it to be compatible with my memory which the guy at the store said it will be and get an amd processor for it. I'll still keep my compaq computer and put my old graphics card in it and start building up a 2nd less powerfull computer!(maybe I'll be nice and give it to my brother)

    I video game a lot so amd would be better then intel wouldn't it?

    Sucky thing is I bought comp at best buy and never got a windows xp disc. all i have is a recovery disc. Is there any way to contact microsoft and have an xp disc sent or something? Or will i have to buy xp all over again?

    Another thing is I don't wanna order off internet because I want it right here right now! But if you think I can truly get an awesome deal that would blow away anything I can buy at the store I'll do it but I'd like to support my local business.
    Buying stuff from a privatly owned store is expensive compared to an online outlet like but if you get it from a local store they might give you some tech support as where Newegg has none. This is a good thing to consider but I can say this, Newegg has a good return policy if something doesn't work right. I'm not sure what kind of store DIT is, so maybe someelse can tell you if its trustworthy.

    First we need to know what your planning to buy. For starters I'd go with a atleast a 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 B CPU if your doing gaming, since a few modern games recommend that already, Go for more speed if you want something that'll last you longer. And yes the newer Althon 64 bit CPU's are suppose to be grand for gaming but I'm just aiming for something that'll save you $$ and run modern video game smoothly at the defualt setting, NOT FANCY.
    I'm guessing your Compaq system has an AMD Athlon or Intel P4 1.3 to 1.5 GHz CPU in it so a 2.4Ghz CPU will give you a very noticable boost. I'm hoping you have atleast PC2700 system ram. I can't remember what the Compaq P 5000 series shipped with offhand, maybe PC2100 but that should still be O.K..
    If your planning on gaming with the system, I'd stick in atleast an ATI Radeon 9550 128 bit or better video card. You could probably find one at Newegg for around $70 or under refurbished. You could really spend $$$ shopping for a video card if you want something awsome but if you want something that'll make a noticible difference over that old onboard video or Geforce 2 videocard that your Compaq system came with, then the ATI Radeon 9550 would be the bottom of the line to start with an upgrade in my opinion.
    The case is up to you but if you buy a case with a powersupply, atleast make it a 450w or better becuase they tend to throw in very cheap overrated powersupplies with cases, and you'll want something that'll be stable in your system. The more a Power supply weighs the better it ussually is, but ofcuase the base line system I'm suggesting here won't be a power hungry hog either.

    Your motherboard brand and chipset that comes with it certainly means alot to someone that plays games, so find out what your getting. Go Nforce 2 chipset or greater for an AMD CPU and go with an intel 865PE chipset or greater for an Intel CPU. If you go with Intel be sure to stay away from anything that has an SIS chipset (verybad, slow, and unstable for gaming even with the most up to date drivers). I'm guessing you Compaq board has a VIA chipset on it which is'nt all that terrible as long as you update everthing, like the bios and all the drivers.

    Windows XP can be spendy, maybe you should shop around, you might find a great buy somewhere. Ask someone who uses Kazaa or Google search if they know of any good deals. I doub't your compaq disc will work on your new system but just maybe it will. It doesn't hurt to ask them for a new disc, just tell them your upgrading your harddrive and motherboard or something.

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    Default Re: Upgrading compaq 5423US 5000 series

    I used a Dell disc in the install I did yesterday, might work, might not, im gonna be reformating my buddies computer so ill try the compaq discs and see if they work for you.
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