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Thread: K7SOM+ 7.5c bios problem

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    Unhappy K7SOM+ 7.5c bios problem

    I have a K7SOM+ 7.5c mobo with a 1800 pro (whatever that means) AMD Duron processor. The thing is when I turn on the computer everything seems to start OK; it beeps once as if everything is fine, the processor fan starts and the HDD LED comes on. However there is no video and the floppy drive comes on trying to read a disk. It does this (the floppy drive) over and over and beeps at intervals of about 7 seconds without stopping.
    I did some searching from the web and figured that probably my BIOS got corrupted. I believed this to be so since I also found out that the virus I was trying to clean with Norton Antivirus before my computer went dead has a payload that flashes BIOS. The virus was W95.CIH alias Chernobyl. I was glad that probably my mobo wasnt fried and tried some boot block recovery procedure that I found on the web. My BIOS is an AMI and so I copied a BIOS image file from the ECS Group website onto a MSDOS formatted disk and tried start my PC with it-nothing-the floppy drive went on seeking and beeping repeatedly at the same 7 seconds interval. I also read about the hotswapping alternative but my BIOS is soldered on the board. Im stumped and a bit of a newbie at this. Can anyone help? Is my mobo dead? Could Chernobyl be responsible? Ill appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks.

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    Default Re: K7SOM+ 7.5c bios problem

    dude go here

    read the how to use flash utility

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    Default Re: K7SOM+ 7.5c bios problem

    Sometimes there is an alternative last resort way to recover the bios when corrupted but I do not know one off hand right now so I would consider searching on Google for one or at a last resort emailing or phoneing ECS Tech support.

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