I have an Asus P5GD1 mainboard with and AMI ver 1006.005 bios.
There are a few settings I'm green about.

First off I have a pair of Sata harddrives that are raided together but there is one setting in the bios called ONBOARD SERIAL ATA BOOTROM, should this be enabled or disabled?

I think I understand most everthing else except for a few POWER options. What should these be set at if I have a Fortron 500w ATX12v v2.0 PSU and if that even matters?

REPOST VIDEO ON S3 RESUME.... Options are yes and no.

ACPI 2.0 SUPPORT..... Options are Yes and No.

ACPI APIC Support..... Options are enabled and disabled.

Anyone know where to find a list of what settings should be on newer boards? I did a Google search on the four settings above but really didn't get answer as to what I should be setting these at.

My other hardware is a P4 3.0 GHZ LGA 775 CPU, ATI Radeon x700 pro video card, 1 GB kingston 4000 (DC) ram which for some reason shows up as 3200 on the bootup screen. I'm not sure if I should be changing some setting in the bios for that either but nothing really stuck out pertaining to it.