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Thread: PCI-E Motherbaords and AMD chips

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    Default PCI-E Motherbaords and AMD chips

    I heard somthing about then not "working together" (for lack of a better word) or something someone please explain!
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    Default Re: PCI-E Motherbaords and AMD chips

    "working together" as putting it together and not work? Um... then I would have to say you heard wrong otherwise they wouldn't sell it. If you mean like compatibilities issue.... then there should be hundreds of threads on the web.. so just google it. If you dont find any, then it's not a big problem.
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    Default Re: PCI-E Motherbaords and AMD chips

    PCI-E works fine with AMD-64 processors providing the motherboard supports that graphics port. The rpoblem I think you're referring to has to do with two PCI-E boards working in SLI mode, but I think that DFI has finally gotten a workable board finally. Expect the other manufacturers to get things fixed up pretty quickly.
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