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Thread: PC Restarts automatically / freezes every now and then

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    Default PC Restarts automatically / freezes every now and then


    I recently upgraded my mobo (from an asus A7V-266E, with VIA chipset, to a chaintech 7NJL6, with nForce 2 ultra 400 chipset) and processor (from AMD Athlon 1800+ to a Sempron 2600+).

    I also bought a new HD (Western Digital Raptor 10k rpm, 76GB, SATA). There were a few initial installation problems when I tried installing Windows XP. But now it runs.

    However, every now and then, my pc just reboots or freezes. When it freezes, it doesn't shut down, everything just stops running, I can't move the mouse, cannot turn numlock off, but I can open the cd-rom drives.

    First I thought it was because of the chipset being overheated (it only has passive cooling) or the processor was overheated. So I put an extra fan there. But still, I have the same problems.

    Does anyone know what other causes it could be? This is very annoying, last night I watched a movie and my pc rebooted eight times during the movie :S

    Thx in advance.

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    Default Re: PC Restarts automatically / freezes every now and then

    Try Speedfan and check your temps with that and tell us what you get, Also you may want to restore defaults in your bois just to make sure that is not the problem.

    An after thought here, with the semprons being fairly new, you may want to make sure your bos is flashed to the newest version provided by the Asus website to make sure you have the proper sempron CPU code in your bios,
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    Default Re: PC Restarts automatically / freezes every now and then

    I've seen this befor I bet you didnt upgrade your PSU. What is the true power of your PSU ramdom restarts and system instability is certntly lack of power of the PSU.
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    Default Re: PC Restarts automatically / freezes every now and then

    Give us your full system specs. PSU in particular, would be nice to know.

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