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Thread: the start of a mobo war

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    Default the start of a mobo war

    hey all i got a question im on deployment and im currently in Kuwait with the navy but should be on the way home soon and im lookin at building an SLI rig with 939 proc. i was wondering what mobo Asus or GIGABYTE K8NXP-SLI Nforce4 and wether or not to spend the money and get an FX-55 or something like a 3500 or 4000 cause im not really into OC'ing but demand very stable setup. really only gonna be playing 3 games. EQ, SWG, and Half Life 2. and am currently deciding between a pair of 6800 GT's or Ultras. thanx for the help and info.

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    Default Re: the start of a mobo war

    DFI also have an SLI board out now and MSI versions should be out or not too far away

    We've been using the ASUS SLI board in our labs for some time now and it has proved very good as far as stability goes and performance and overclocking is very good

    If you've got the money go the FX-55 and two 6800 Ultra's and you'll have a grin on your face for a week, just like we did when we first started testing

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    k thanx the reason i was thinking about the Gigabyte board is cause it has both sli and agp vid slot so i can keep my current vid card until i get the money for a pair of SLI cards or keep the agp card for future trouble shooting if need be. but thanx for the help.

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