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Thread: How to optimize an Abit AV8-3rd Eye (BIOS)

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    Default How to optimize an Abit AV8-3rd Eye (BIOS)

    Hi I have a lot of troubles with this motherboard, I don't really like me, with this board I have a variety types of errors, (with my Leadtek Winfast TV Card, my USB Dongle Bluetooth, until a few hours ago with Doom3), The IDE transfer is very very very slow, I install a few moments ago the driver VIA IDE Accelerator Driver 1.20b without success.
    When I see the TV the images are paused or fbs are too low, this happend when load any program.
    My rig have the next hardware:
    CPU AMD A64 Winchester 3500+
    Abit AV8-3rd Eye
    Two stick of Value Ram Kingston cl 2.5 of 512 each one. = 1024
    Radeon 9800 Pro 256 mb BBA R350
    1 Seagate IDE 80 GB 7200 rpm ata100
    2 Maxtor IDE 160 GB 7200 rpm ata133
    1 Seagate IDE 60 GB 7200 rpm ata 100

    1 Seagate 80 and 1 Maxtor 160 (C & D) this was connected to IDE1 m/s in the motherboard.
    1 Maxtor and 1 Seagate 60 (E & F) this was connected to IDE1 m/s in the Promise Ultra 133 TX2
    1 DVD LG and 1 CDRW LG in the IDE2 in the motherboard.
    1 DVR-RW Pionner and 1 Iomega Ata 250 MB in the IDEA of the Promise Ultra 133 TX2

    Do you think that this motherboard is really very very bad motherboard?
    Can you helpme with this moterboard?
    Were will fnd a optimized guide to use and to setup the bios?
    Thanks guys.
    Thermaltake Xaser II A6000A, Pentium 4 2.4A GHz, 1 Gb Ram DDR PC 2100, Asus P4B533 Motherboard, Asus iPanel DeLuxe, Leadtek A250 LE TD GF4-Ti4200 128 Mb RAM, Pinnacle Systems Studio PCTV PCI, SoundBlaster Audigy Gamer, Promise Ultra 133TX2, Adaptec 2906, 3Com OfficeConnect 10/100 NIC (3CSOHO100B-TX), LiteON LTD-166S DVDRom, LiteON LTR-48246S CDRW, Iomega ZipDrive 250 ATA, Microsoft Office Keyboard, Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Explorer, Linksys BEFSR41, Linksys WAP11, Samsung Syncmaster 753DFX, HP 920C, AcerScan 610 Plus.

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    Default Re: How to optimize an Abit AV8-3rd Eye (BIOS)

    The motherboard should be fine. I'd imagine it's just a driver issue, meaning you didn't install drivers in the right order or something along those lines.

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