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Thread: Nforce 4 6.66 Driver problems! AGAIN

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    Default Nforce 4 6.66 Driver problems! AGAIN

    Well updated to the newest version on my A8N-SLI board and guess what....

    Slow Slow boot up time! Seemed stable but the long wait just did it for me, desktop froze for about 30 secs then seemed ok. What the hell is going on with this rubbish!!!!

    Anyone else with similar problems???

    I think I shall avoid Nvidia in the future NF4 has been a nightmare, dodgy IDE drivers, hard disk errors, rubbish hardware firewall! Aaaarrggh

    ATI XPRESS 200 sounds nice...not so flash but stable. Any opinions on this chipset, or VIA???

    Athlon 64 3500 (Venice) Not overclocked
    2 GIG Ballistix DDR 500
    2x 200 GIG Samsung P120 SATA HDD
    256 Mb 6600 Turbo (Gigabyte)
    Bios 1010-002

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    Default Re: Nforce 4 6.66 Driver problems! AGAIN

    NF4 is fine... Though the ASUS A8N-SLI board has been known to have a number of problems in the past. But really, the nForce 4 chipset is not at fault and is certainly your best bet.

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    Default Re: Nforce 4 6.66 Driver problems! AGAIN

    Yeap they are definetly the worst drivers i ever used. I installed them last night to try and get rid of a reoccuring BSOD problem and after they'd done there thing i constantly got a BSOD as soon as the comp booted up windows. Fortunately disconnecting the ethernet stoped the problem and let me reinstall my old drivers that came with the mobo.

    Anyway, good luck! Something tells me we'll both need it.

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