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Thread: Can't pinpoint problems.

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    Default Can't pinpoint problems.

    With the help of a qualified microsoft engineer, flashed the board from 1007 back to the correct 1002 cmos revision. We did this because i always had problems trying to run my AthlonXP Barton cpu 3200oem with corsair 3200XLPRO with flashing lights on this board. we got every blue screen under the sun trying to install windows xp before it pointing to mem and then my old vga video card asus v8460ultra. so he took them out and put temp kingston value ram and a nvidia 18mb vanta card in. this sorted out problems eventually taking hardware out then putting my hardware back in, but no joy. we thought this was bios. one point blue screen pointed to Thread_Stuck_In_Device_Driver. We gave up windows xp seeing as we couldn't get past windows xp setup and installed 98. we had world of problems installing chipset board drivers for this board in 98. we now decided to flash bios to original 1002 revision. eventually he took out the temp hardware and put mine back in. and tried loading xp setup again. it worked voila. windows installed. we loaded device drivers. everything ran fine again. I recently bought a new video card to bring my spec more upto date with my motherboard. A7N8X Deluxe PC ver2.0. XFX 6600GT 256mb gddr3. I update my story soon i goto go now.
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    Lian LI PC60
    (2 intake 80mm ADDA/3
    exhaust 80mm ADDA)
    EG465P-VE Enermax Dual fan PSU 465watt
    Asus A7N8X Dx ver2.0 C1007 latest bios
    AthlonXp 3200+ Barton
    Xms Corsair 3700PT TwinX paired [email protected]
    200mhz X 11.0 = 2.205GIG
    creative audigy 2
    Asus V8460 U Ti 4600 Dx
    CPU full load 28C
    Case full load 24C
    Western D HDD 120gb
    XP Professional current best- crap
    11682 marks=xp best performance settings @ 2500+ 166mhz x 11.0X = 1.83GIG

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    Default Re: Can't pinpoint problems.

    Quote Originally Posted by jamie_horwood
    I update my story soon i goto go now.
    I hope so, because unless I misread something (which is quite possible, given how poorly it's written), you fixed the problem. What exactly is your problem?

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    Problem fixed then?????

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