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Thread: flashing bios issue

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    Default flashing bios issue

    can get my floopy to boot up into dos to flash my bios and update it due to comptability issues with sata I and sata II hard drives
    so i tried it with a cd as some suggested and it loads, i created the flashcd.iso with afudos.exe and 1010.002 (latest bios driver), also tried 1010.rom and P5GD2.002, P5GD2.rom
    and i get file cannot be found or not reconized
    no idea what to do now!!!
    do you think the motherboard is faulty?

    intel p4 3ghz
    asus p5gd2 premium
    2gb ddr2 533
    120gb sata II western digital
    200gb sata II western digital
    asus 3000extreme graphics card
    antec 550 true psu

    any help would be hugely appreciated

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    Default Re: flashing bios issue

    Maybe I'm missing something here, but what difference do the hard drives make when you are flashing the BIOS? Your bootable floppy (assuming you have a functional floppy disk drive) will just assume you don't have a hard drive loaded in the system and create a small RAM drive with the files necessary to create a DOS environment. As long as you're not trying to save the old BIOS configuration to the hard drive, you should be having no problems at all. Nothing is written to the hard drive when you flash the BIOS.
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