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Thread: Problem updating BIOS on a soyo kt400 dragon

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    Default Problem updating BIOS on a soyo kt400 dragon

    I recently purchased a 37gb raptor. I put a fresh installation of XP on it. Put on SP2 and all the updates and drivers. I have no ? or ! in my device manager, so everything seems to be well.

    However, my PC is not performing at the level it should be (I have twice the PC that my wife does, though hers performs better). The problems im having are bad latency (with generally low pings), slow multi-tasking (alt/tabbing out of games). I may not have a '68 s/s cuda, but it feels like im driving a Pinto when its really a Camaro. It also freezes when launching a large game if i dont reboot first.

    I ran DxDiag and it seems to be fine. So I DLed Sandra and ran that. It says that my BIOS is old and needs updating. Ive never flashed a BIOS before, but was more than willing to try it.

    My mobo is a KT400 Dragon Ultra (black).

    It has Award BIOS, so I flashed it with this from August of 2004.

    The flash went perfectly, however Sandra is still reporting the same problems/tips:

    "The system BIOS is more than 3 years old." Its from 2004

    "SMBIOS/DMI information may be inaccurate."

    "A SMBIOS/DMI 2.3 compliant BIOS can allow the operating system and special programs to tune-up your system."

    "The BIOS can be shadowed. Shadowing is a technique of copying the BIOS program from slow EPROM or EEPROM to RAM."

    These were the same 'tips' it was giving me before i flashed. I figured the flash would solve most if not all of these problems. So I suppose my question is, why would Sandra still report these problems after I flashed my BIOS?

    Windows XP SP2
    AMD Athlon 2400 XP
    512mb DDR SDRAM
    Radeon 9600
    37gb Raptor
    Santa Cruz Turtle Beach

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    Default Re: Problem updating BIOS on a soyo kt400 dragon

    I wouldn't put alot of confidence in Sandra. Check the bios version # to see if you have the latest bios update for your mainboard then compare it to what is listed for the latest bios update from your mainboards manufactures website.
    I'm not sure what exactly your tring to say is going on but a software freeze up can be caused by ALOT of things including your bios settings. To start with you should list your system specs including the PSU your using here. Was the computer working fine before you put in the new drive or updated to SP2 or updated the bios? Is the game your talking about or whatever it might be that your getteing bad latency with only locking up when you play online and is it a high speed connection? Are you overclocking? I need more specific information before I'd even try to guess what could be wrong.

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