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Thread: looking for good socket A mobo

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    Default Re: looking for good socket A mobo

    Quote Originally Posted by wayout44
    They're both the same except that the first one is using the short version of the name while the other is using the full name.
    Wrong. The NF7-S2 is not the same thing as the NF7-S v. 2. It, like so many other boards with NF7 in the name, will not overclock well. You can see a whole list of them here.

    Quote Originally Posted by GBRRICCI
    I was bidding on what the seller thought was the S version until the last day he realised it was just a nf7 v2 board. what are the differences between them though?
    S stands for SATA. The NF7 should overclock just as well as an NF7-S. It's basically identical except for the lack of SATA.

    You don't have to shop at eBay, either. You can just setup an account at the Anandtech forums and grab an NF7-S for $50-$60 there. I see those and a lot of volt-modded A7N8XE-Deluxe going on AT all the time, so you should have any problems.

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    quick question, is the good abit nf7 board the one with the atx connector parallel or perpendicular to the agp slot.


    i'll try going to anandtech again, dont remember why i went to ebay instead, i was having trouble setting some stuff up and finding items
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    Default Re: looking for good socket A mobo

    I have NF7-Srev2 and it is perpendicular.
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