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Thread: AMD or Intel?

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    Default AMD or Intel?

    I need a new motherboard and wanted to know who is bringing out the best motherboards at present Intel or AMD?
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    Default Re: AMD or Intel?

    Quote Originally Posted by bmint View Post
    I need a new motherboard and wanted to know who is bringing out the best motherboards at present Intel or AMD?
    Intel motherboards are not a good choice from past experience and AMD does not make motherboards that I know of.

    I would personally get a mainboard that runs an Intel Core 2 Dou CPU if you have any kind of a budget in mind. They have recently taken a big price drop and seem like a much better bang for the buck over their AMD counterparts. That is providing AMD even has a counterpart that can match it.

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    Default Re: AMD or Intel?

    Yeah go for a motherboard taking core 2 duo.
    Possibly one with a nvidia chipset rather than intel. The Nvidia 600i chipsets are pretty good for core 2 duo. I am not sure if you will be overclocking/sli etc but if you are dont go for a 500 chipset. Although I have never owned one from what I have read they were not great for intel.
    Of course it mainly depends on what kinda budget/requirements you have.

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    Default Re: AMD or Intel?

    Intel cannot touch AMD in the bang for a buck if the budget is low.

    As for motherboards, Intel makes very good ones, don't know where you get that from. AMD/ATI chipset motherboards are also nice. Nvidia are good, but stay away from the 680i boards.

    Post your budget and what you want to do with your PC. Noone should recommend anything until those 2 things are known.
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